Born 1991 Boston, MA 
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Massachusetts College of Art and Design. BFA, Printmaking, 2014.


2021 - Fountainhead Residency, Miami, Florida
2022 - La Brea Residency, Los Angeles, California

2022 - “Routine Wellness”, The Cabin, Los Angeles, California

2021 - “Radical Privacy Star”, Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, NY
2020 - “Embarrassment Safe Word”, Kravets Wehby Gallery, New York, NY

2023 - Public Gallery, “Into, Over and Underneath”, London, United Kingdom
2023 - Jupiter Contemporary, “Caribbean Revels”, Miami, Florida
2023 - Kravets Wehby Gallery, “All You Can Eat”, New York, New York

2023 - Green Family Art Foundation, “The Cabin LA Presents: A Curated Flashback”, Dallas, Texas
2023 - Kravets Wehby Gallery, "Stir Crazy", New York, New York
2022 - Kravets Wehby Gallery, “Terms and Conditions”, New York, New York

2022 - Public Gallery, “Now I am a lake”, London, United Kingdom

2022 - Woaw Gallery, “Lost in a Spectacle”, Beijing, China

2021 - Fredericks & Freiser, “Towards a More Beautiful Oblivion,” New York, NY

2020 - Kravets Wehby Gallery, “Rentrée,” New York, NY

2020 - Haul Gallery, “LOOKS,” Brooklyn, NY, USA

2019 - 198 Allen Street, "Swimming Pools," New York, NY, USA

2018 - Superchief Gallery, "No Joke," Queens, NY, USA

2015 - Museum of Sex, "Dirty: The Lovers Hangover," New York, NY, USA

2014 - Student Life Gallery, Mass Art, "Walking While Woman," Boston, MA, USA

2013 - Mass Art, "The MassArt All-School Show: Printmaking," Boston, MA, USA

2013 - Boston Arts Academy, "Shine," Boston, MA, USA


2020 - Saam Niami, “The Contemplations of Jade Thacker”, Office Magazine, October
2022 - Harvey Byworth-Morgan, “Privacy is Radical”, Metal Magazine, June
2023 - “ Interview: In The Studio With Jade Thacker”, Something Curated, July